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DC Monitors Safety and Regulatory Information

   This symbol is used throughout this material to indicate critical safety information. Failure to observe the information following this symbol may result in injury or death.

Read all instructions carefully prior to installation. 

  • The DC Power Monitor should only be connected to DC power sources in the range noted in the manual and / or label.

  • Installation shall only be performed by a qualified electrical professional.

  • Adhere to voltage and amperage guidelines and utilize a proper branch circuit protector.

  • No field-serviceable parts. Do not attempt to disassemble the product as potentially severe electrical shock may result. Installation and maintenance must be performed by qualified personnel.

  • Follow basic safety precautions to reduce the risk of electrical shock and damage to equipment.

  • Store in a clean, dry location. Clean with a dry cloth.

  • Intended for indoor use only, do not install in a wet location.

  • Adhere to all local electrical codes and guidelines.

  • Failure to use the product in the specified manner may lead to injury or death and damage to equipment. 

  • Wireless DC Monitors should only be connected to the type of power source indicated on the label or manual.

  • Wiring must have the appropriate electrical rating. 

  • Adhere to all local and national electrical codes and guidelines. 

  • Prior to installation, check to make sure the DC Monitor has not been damaged.

  • Failure to use the product in the specified manner may lead to injury or death and damage to equipment.

  • The voltage monitor is certified for use in Measurement Category IV metering applications per part 5.4.1of IEC 61010-2-030.

DC Current Monitors are designed to monitor current using via inductive “non-contact’ current transducers. Do not apply DC current path directly to any part of the monitor. 

The voltage supply sensors are only provided for acquiring power for the monitoring device and not intended to sustain the load current path.

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