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Hub Third Party Device Monitor

Hubs provide a means of taking data from third party monitoring devices and placing the data on Packet Power's EMX monitoring Portal. To acquire the data, the third party devices must be on an existing communications network using ModBus TCP/IP or SNMP protocols. The network must also be locally accessible by the Hub.

The Packet Power Hub device(s) is placed on the local network with third party devices interfacing through a standard Ethernet network connection. The Hub will then be able to acquire and transmit data from third party devices through the Ethernet Network to the EMX Portal.   

Requirements for Implementing a Hub solution

Before a Hub system is installed there are a number of requirements:

1) Data from the third party devices must be on a Modbus TCP/IP or SNMP network

2) Packet Power is required to program the Hub to recognize the specific registers associated with the third party devices. In many cases selective registers will be acquired (i.e. not all available registers associated with the third party devices will be made available unless required). The programming process will vary with the complexity and quantity of registers.

3) The EMX portal will require network access to access the Hub. Note that the EMX application can be operated locally or as a cloud application. In many applications the Hub network can be physically isolated from other networks to provide an added layer of security. There are a number of other security safeguards that can also be implemented to protect the Hub network.

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