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Networks and Gateways

Gateways gather information from your wireless monitoring units. You can see the status of your gateways on the Home page.

Checking the Status of your Ethernet Gateways

To quickly check the status of your Ethernet Gateways, go to your home page by clicking Home on the left navigation bar. Scroll down to the Gateways table that summarizes the status of your Ethernet Gateways.

Checking the Status of Your Wireless Network

On the Home page, the Wireless network table summarizes the status of your Packet Power wireless monitoring network and highlights any recent changes that may have occurred in the past hour or 24 hours.

Detailed Communications Report

You can see the communication status of all monitoring units from Standard Views > Communication Status. The report lists the ID number, friendly name, type of monitoring unit, and communication status of each node. Use the filter boxes in the column headers to narrow results, and click on the column headers to sort by that column.

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