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Smart Power Cables

Smart Power Cables are power cables with embedded wireless power monitors that transmit real time power and energy usage data wirelessly to a central Gateway module.  The Smart Power Cable is a monitoring-only device and it cannot disconnect, switch or otherwise interfere with the electrical current flowing through the cable and is inherently fail safe with no risk of interrupting the circuit in the event of failure to the monitoring device. The monitoring mechanism is powered from the cable itself and consumes less than 0.6W of power.

The cables are provided in an “S” (single phase) and “R” (three phase and high current single phase) form. Panel-mounted “P” models (independent power monitors with no cable assembly) are slightly different. Contact support@packetpower for more information about “P” models.

The appropriate Smart Power Cable is selected based on the appropriate voltage, current and connector type shown in the chart below. Smart Power Cables are available in just about any connector type and are universally operational at 50/60 Hz.

S Cable

R Cable

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