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Gateway, HUB, and Data Diodes - GW04, GH04, DDRX, DDTX

Firmware upgrades are categorized according to their level of importance which falls into one of three categories:

  • Discretionary: release addresses specific issues. Install this upgrade if it addresses an issue you are currently experiencing.

  • Recommended: release is of general benefit. All customers should upgrade to this release as opportunity permits.

  • Required: release impacts critical product performance and should be installed as soon as possible.

This table provides the latest firmware releases for Ethernet gateways. Detailed information on specific firmware releases can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate F/W release notes link.

For Instructions on how to perform Firmware Upgrades see: Performing Firmware Upgrades

Ethernet Gateway Version 4 (2.X.X)

GW04 Gateway

Product family

Product number

F/W image family

Ethernet Gateways


2.x.x, 1.xx.x



2.x.x, 1.xx.x

Data Diode


2.x.x, 1.xx.x

Release history


Key features




  • Add Support for a NodeOK analogue in Modbus.

  • Switch to better dropdowns when selecting Nodes in configuration options including display of Friendly names.

  • NTP validation in the console

  • Add License upload host command (E4 side ONLY)

  • Rewrite friendly name UI Service

  • Fix friendly names not in Mesh nodes.

  • Fix UI channel formatting service to work for three-digit indexed channels.

  • Updates to the Panel Compiler and P5 Support layer



  • Fixes for Wait for EMX features

  • Fix Virtual Panel Constructor/Editor Styles


  • Added an all nodes reading table

  • Fix Webix tables returning to page 0 on data refresh


  • JDR compression Tweaks for EMX data feed

  • Support Multiple Login credentials

  • Experimental SSO support

  • Improve UX for SSH Credentials and SSH service Management.

  • Added configurable EMX poll Interval

  • Firefox scroll persistence bug fix



  • Add SSH-based authentication

  • Add SVG Modal for P5T8 nodes

  • Enable Reuse of HTTPS certificates

  • Modbus2MQTT Fixes

  • Add Modal for Generic Statuses

  • Update to Webix 10 (Also Fix a ton of table bugs)

  • Update Font Awesome

  • Move from SASS Compass to SASS Dart

  • Fixes for MQTTtx when transmitting from multiple E4s


  • Add GW set-able label on top of page

  • Full Friendly name support for all nodes

  • Expose factory reset capability on LCD & Console

  • Create ModbustoMQTT UI


  • Bootloader patch resolving failed reboot issue for current yocto devices (Mud version)

  • Add "Restart Console" option to restart UI witch only restarts the E4 application not the OS

  • Update Configpage and P5 libraries to support TTFS channel

  • Update MNM to support energy accumulation reset


  • Update the Linux kernel to the latest v5.4 and patch RTC Watchdog for future HW revisions

  • Add MNM support with /mnm/ nginx definition

  • Use Compressed filesystems for console applications reducing the on-disk footprint.

  • Hub Polling Cleanup

  • Add Missing P5 Image IDs (Fixes recognizing newer P5 Devices)

  • Fix Config Pages Digest reception

  • Add Smart Register Transmission compression

  • Introduced enhanced algorithm for ensuring consistent Smart Register behavior

  • Various Backend Code modernizations (theoretically increased Performance)

  • Fix some issues where Network state tracking (DHCP and Static ends up in read only)

  • Add option to delay Radio start until EMX connects and transmits

  • Add option to toggle on-off state of Packet Logging

  • Update the Panel Engine to the latest

  • Fix EMX broken in the last release


  • Add SNMP kWh Energy unit scaling

  • Add Preliminary support for ConfigPage Schema2

  • SNMP HUB fixes



Gateway must have:

2.x. firmware installed or 1.19.4 or 1.19.5 firmware installed plus 600 MB free disk space


System update time decreased


Update Hub SNMP library


Enhanced proxy server support

Enhanced Data Diode support

Misc. bug fixes and updates


Modbus performance enhancements


Fixes issue with panels that include infeed CTs


Addresses Peer Gateway performance

Multiple changes to battery-backed clock synchronization and initialization

Watchdog disable fixes

Resolves persistent DHCP issue

Some additional provision fixes


Radio zone isolation dropdown menu



This major release includes a complete reworking of the core firmware stack and provides:

Improved stability and performance

Major updates to the underlying Linux platform, including enhanced system security and a more compact security footprint

Architectural improvements that reduce the likelihood of failures occurring during future system upgrades

A watchdog capability that reduces the odds of a device becoming inoperable

Gateway must have:
FW 1.19.4 or 1.19.5 installed plus 
600 MB free disk space

A Version 2 upgrade is REQUIRED to take advantage of all future firmware releases



This release is expected to be the final release on the Version 1 platform. All future firmware releases will be made on the Version 2.x.x platform. 

Pre-certification BACnet protocol support

Enhances EtherNet/IP functionality

SNMP enhancements including significant performance and stability improvements on very large networks, improved flexibility when using panel maps, and provides a panel-level status indicator in SNMP

Updates aspect of MTConnect support to benefit from underlying architecture improvements

Adds a watchdog function that monitors data transmissions to EMX to minimize the chance of a gateway losing its network connection

Adds support for panel maps incorporating the newest generation power meters, removes (for now) the visual interface to the panel map editor, and improves master gateway performance when supporting multiple panels

Resolves a gateway gauge range setting error when used with the newest generation power meters

Improves depiction of current readings on three-phase delta circuits

Improves power factor and phase angle support on older P2-generation power meters

Improves gateway peering performance

Improves performance of several internal subsystems

Allows users to select units of measure on several attributes

Required for upgrade to 2.x firmware


Standardize relative time display for node/reading recency

Relax connection timeout values to provide a more stable interface on unstable network connections

Resolve condition introduced in 1.18.0 that may cause a heavily loaded master gateway to miss readings from V4 gateway peers

Ensure reading threshold timeouts are disabled by default

Improve stability and resource usage when starting/stopping multiple panels in parallel


Resolve condition introduced in 1.18.0 that may result in failure to transmit gateway status log messages to EMX

Inhibit low voltage warning message in "Hardware Clock" system dashboard entry when an NTP time source is defined

Expose configurable reading threshold timeouts so that SNMP alerts can be triggered when meter readings haven't been updated within some defined threshold of time


Fix display bug on temperature gauges when units set to Fahrenheit

Additional performance and stability optimizations to revised peering implementation


Performance and stability optimizations to revised peering implementation


Substantial performance and stability improvements when a V4 master gateway is peered to other V4 gateways


Performance improvements in peering and communication with EMX

Enables secure reset of gateway login credentials using multi-factor authentication

Support for additional reading channels to be polled by SNMP on the Hub device and passed through the gateway (Standard MIB files updated to include the new channels)

Improved NTP infrastructure for syncing gateway time with network sources

Support for expanded capabilities with radio zones and additional isolation groups

Fixes for a number of bugs, including web console login failures with IE11, occasional hangs in Modbus poller, SNMP community not be being observed in polling, and others


Enables firmware updates for battery-powered devices (E300 and E302 environmental monitors)

Compresses data sent to the EMX cloud service to lower data volumes on cellular connections

Improves support for split-phase meters


Support for transmitting firmware updates to battery-powered E300 and E302 environmental monitors

Stability enhancements for EtherNet/IP and MTConnect interfaces

Several fixes including:

Corrected the false error that may appear when adding custom Modbus maps

Fixed the display evaluation/encoding errors in the Modbus readings table


Supports new touchpad interface

Touchpad device


Simplified panel definition upload process

More efficient SNMP polling for Hubs

General performance improvements including a more robust networking infrastructure for Hubs

Supports upcoming changes to Local EMX


Improvements to the local navigation / configuration (using LCD and Joystick)

Support for Data Diode License

Enhancements for Virtual Panel Editor

General performance improvements


Support for Data Diode products

Improved node report rate calculations

Additional QA data tracking

Fixed defect preventing gauges from showing temperature in Fahrenheit

Adjusted applicable calculations to use system time

Fixed broken pause button and wireless mesh status indicator light

Resolved defects in Modbus data handling

Numerous core code enhancements


Modbus improvements including improved error handling, standard register map and register maps embedded on the Gateway

System performance enhancements

New "readings" gauges for current and humidity

Various improvements including some involving SNMP

Internal-use features for improved diagnostics


Uses hard-coded netmask -- beneficial for some SNMP installs

Improves SNMP walk


Improved retention of configuration files when Gateway loses power

Added shutdown menu item

SNMP Export Manager: add CSV MIB export

Ability to set temperature to Fahrenheit or Celsius

Proxy settings now displayed in the UI

Improved filtering of Modbus node map by register map

Set static IP from LCD

Mesh disabled option

Improved EMX display of node status attributes

Line to line voltages for delta nodes

Improved pressure calculations

Null, invalid, and Gateway GUIDs removed from console display


Contains 51 fixes and minor changes


Initial production release

Stable devices withdrawn from Support

Ethernet Gateway Versions 1, 2 and 3 (GW01, GW02, GW03) Final firmware:  6.7.15

Product type

Product IDs

Ethernet Gateway V1, V2, V3

GW01, GW02, GW03

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