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Performing Firmware Upgrades

The Version 4 Ethernet Gateway provides a means of performing firmware upgrades to both itself and to most Packet Power wireless monitoring units. All gateways under warranty or covered by an extended support agreement are eligible for firmware upgrades. 

  1. A list of firmware releases is at Firmware Revisions 

  2. Contact for the desired firmware file or if you are unsure of the support status of your gateway(s).

  3. After you receive your firmware file, follow the instructions below.

System Update (Update Firmware on Gateway) 

The System Update feature provides the latest Gateway firmware along with an updated library of monitoring node firmware. After the firmware file is uploaded, the Gateway will automatically detect its content and automatically integrate the new firmware.

To initiate a system update:

  1. Select an "Update File” by clicking the “Choose File” button (1).  Update files are provided from Packet Power.

  2. Click the “Upload” button (2).  

The system upgrade may take upwards of 30 minutes.

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