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Adding Node Templates

The Node template outlines the type of node (i.e. environmental monitor, single-phase power monitor or three-phase power monitor). Each device will effectively become a virtual "monitoring node" with a 16-digit GUID. The device will need to be assigned to the applicable node template.

Creating a new node template

Log in to EMX. Under the Manage tab, open the OPI drop down menu and click on OPI Template. 

Click on the node name in the "Template Nodes" column.

The Nodes Readings screen will appear. Select the desired template from "Current Template" drop down menu.

Select the "add template" (+) icon to add a new node template and select from the correct templates previously added. This will expose the "Add Node Template" dialog box. 

Complete the dialog box.

Node Template Name:  Friendly name for the specific device type

Node Template Type:  Select from one of the three Packet Power monitor types that closest resembles the device.

Power, 1 phase - single phase power monitor

Power, 3 phase - three phase power monitor

Temperature + Humidity + Pressure - environmental monitor

Voltage Rating:  The nominal voltage rating (used to develop meter scales)

Current Rating:  The nominal current rating (used to develop meter scales)

Click the Submit button to save.

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