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Adding Specific Devices

Adding an OPI device equates to adding a third party Modbus or SNMP meter and associating it with a specific OPI template.

Add a new device

Log in to EMX. Under the Manage tab, open the OPI drop down menu and click on OPI Devices

Click on the "+ Add" button. 

The "Add Device" dialog box will appear. Complete all fields.

Device IP:  IP address of the third party device to be monitored.

Device Name:  Friendly name of the third party device to be monitored (typically make and model); this is discretionary

Device Description:  Desired description

OPI Template:  Select the applicable OPI template to be used

Min. Polling Interval:  Polling interval determines the frequency in which the HUB will poll the device and provide refreshed information. Typically this ranges from 1 to 15 minutes.

Hub Device:  The 16-digit GUID of the specific HUB that will pull the device

Enabled?:  Check this box.  

IMPORTANT:  The HUB will not poll the device until "Enabled" is checked

Click the "Submit" box to save.

It may take over 30 minutes to complete an initial polling cycle and populate readings. If the device isn't reporting, validate that the "Enabled?" box is checked.

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