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Assigning Registers to Node Template

The following applies to Modbus devices.

Log in to EMX. Under the Manage tab, open the OPI drop down menu and click on OPI Templates

Click on the ( + ) icon to expose the "Add Reading" dialog box. This will allow the addition of individual register points along with their characteristics. 

Complete all fields.

Channel:  Designates the EMX channel that the register map shall be aligned with

Scale:  The scaling factor or multiple applied to the register. Most device register maps will note the scaling factor of each register.

Offset:  Offset implies where the register map starts. If the register map starts at 0 vs 1, each register may have an offset of 1.

Register:  The actual register number from the device register map

Byte Mapping:  The reading value is converted to a specified binary format, then mapped onto the specified set of 16-bit Modbus registers. The letters in the mapping denote bytes. 

For example:  "int ABCD (32b) => DC,BA (2 registers)"

This example will take a reading value, scale it, convert it to a 32 bit signed integer, then map it onto 2 consecutive Modbus registers while swapping bytes in each register.

Click the "Submit" box to save.

Continue to add registers using the ( + ) add register function until all the required registers are populated.

Editing existing registers

To edit an existing register, click on the pencil icon. 

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