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Austin Hughes PDUs (Power Strips)

Supported Devices

InfraPower PDUs using IP Dongle, up to four daisy-chain PDUs

Required WNC Firmware

36.18 or newer

Manufacturers Documentation

This site is not intended to provide a full guide to the management interface on Austin Hughes PDU devices. The following resources will be useful for the WNC configuration.

Austin Hughes InfraPower Product Page

Austin Hughes InfraPower User Manuals

Austin Hughes InfraPower IP Dongle User Manual

Required PDU configuration

Before connecting to the WNC, the IP Dongle and all PDUs must be properly configured:

Set PDU "level" for each PDU in the daisy-chain

Use the graphical display and the adjacent buttons to configure the PDU connected to the IP Dongle for "Level: 1", configure the next PDU for "Level: 2", etc.

Enable SNMP interface for the IP Dongle

  • Use the web interface to enable SNMP support, so that the WNC is able to query the device readings

  • Collect a laptop computer with ethernet port, and an ethernet cable

  • Configure the laptop computer's ethernet port for these settings: IP / Subnet Mask / Gateway

  • Connect the ethernet cable between the laptop's ethernet port and the ethernet port on the IP Dongle

  • Open an internet browser on the laptop and navigate to

  • The default login is 00000000 (eight zeros) for the username and password

  • Select the SNMP option in the left navigation pane

  • Click Enable, then Apply

Refer to the Austin Hughes user manuals for the PDU and/or IP Dongle (links above) for more information.

WNC Connections

1.  Connect one end of an ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the IP dongle. Connect the IP dongle's short ethernet cable to the LINK port on the PDU.

2.  On the rear of the WNC, connect the other end of the Ethernet cable and the 5V DC power supply barrel plug.

SNMP Readings Reported

Each PDU reports Voltage, Current, Power, and Energy.




Voltage X

PDU X voltage

Current X

PDU X current

Power X

PDU X power


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