The Gateway can make monitoring data accessible via three formats:

  1. EMX Monitoring portal

  2. Modbus TCP/IP

  3. SNMP (versions 1, 2 and 3)

Note that data can be provided simultaneously to the EMX Portal while serving Modbus TCP/IP or SNMP data. 

EMX Energy Portal

To enable data to flow to the EMX portal:

  1. Select the “Data Destinations” tab on the left menu and click on “EMX” in the sub menu.

  2. There are two versions of EMX, a cloud based version and in some instances EMX may be installed as a local application. Select the version of EMX to be implemented in the “Monitoring Data Feed” and “Upgrade and Support Data Feed” sections. Note that Cloud EMX is the default selection.

Cloud version

  • Ensure that the Gateway’s IP address has outbound access to port 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS) for * when using cloud EMX

  • Confirm that cloud and support data feeds are enabled with the network manager (cloud EMX implementations only)

Local application

  • Select “Local EMX” in the “Monitoring Data Feed” and “Upgrade and Support Data Feed” sections

  • Enter the IP address of the local EMX server.

Note:  Before you can access your data via EMX make sure your Packet Power representative has set up an EMX account. See the EMX support section for additional details.


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