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Ethernet Gateways

Ethernet Gateways collect monitoring data from Packet Power wireless monitoring devices and make it accessible over your data network.

This information is for Ethernet Gateway models GW04-XXXX (called "EG4").  If you have an earlier model and need assistance, contact

Ethernet Gateway Version 4 - GW04

Getting Started

EG4 Quick Start Guide:  Step by step instructions on how to add the EG4 to your network.

Physical Installation:  Placement and physical installation requirements

Using the Gateway Console:  The Gateway Console is a web accessible dashboard that provides access to monitoring data, network status and settings, data delivery settings and firmware updates.

Navigation and Configuration:  Instructions for using the touchpad surface.

SNMP Implementation:  A step by step overview of SNMP implementation.

Modbus TCP/IP Implementation:  A guide to accessing data using Modbus TCP/IP.

Gateway Overview

The Packet Power Ethernet Gateway (EG) is a key component of the Packet Power system architecture. It provides an interface between the wireless monitoring devices and the monitoring application. The Gateway automatically detects any new monitoring devices, seamlessly adding them to the network.  All Gateways need to be installed and configured to run on the local Ethernet network. If the monitoring application is gathering data using open protocols such as SNMP, Modbus, BACnet/IP, or EtherNet/IP, some additional steps are needed that are specific to each of these protocols. 

Contact if you need information on an older version gateway.

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