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Dry Contact Sensing

E306 monitors can be used to sense the status of dry contact circuits (i.e. open or closed status) using any of the temperature probe ports. Any or all of the six inputs can be used to sense dry contact status. The sensor ports use a specialized connector that has a cable with bare leads which can be connected to any dry contact device (see below). This interface cable is available from Packet Power.

Probes supplied by Packet Power must be used to ensure proper functioning. Dry contact probes come in lengths of 1 - 4 meters and can be extended if needed.

Simply insert the quick connector end of the dry contact probe into one of the E306 ports and connect the stripped ends of the probe to the dry contact terminals. 

State change information is updated every 20 seconds to 1 minute depending on the installation requirements.

Gateway firmware must be up to date for closed (1) or open (0) values to be properly displayed within the EMX interface.

Avoid electrical interference from nearby lines by adding shielding to the wires. Interference can cause inaccurate values or constant flipping between 1 and 0.

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