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E306 Technical Specifications



±1° C at 0.1° C resolution with readings in °C or °F

Relative Humidity

From 0 to 100% RH at ±2 % RH at 0.1% resolution

Dry Contact

Contact Packet Power for specific sensing devices

Dry Contact

±500 Pa (±2”H20), 0.2Pa or ±3% accuracy full span


Operating Frequency

860 to 920MHz and 2.4 GHz (frequencies vary by region)

Wireless Network Protocol

Frequency hopping self-configuring load-balancing mesh

Data Output

SNMP and Modbus TCP/IP protocols

Firmware Updates


Typical Transmission Range

10 to 30 meters indoors between any two devices in mesh network


Fully enclosed, fixed configuration

Monitoring Unit to Gateway Radio Range

Up to 300 monitoring units per gateway and unlimited Gateways per site

Multi-site Support




System Status

Local LCD display on E306 models

Operating Environment / Mechanical / Power Supply

Operating Temperature

Monitoring Unit: 0° to +40° C (+32 to +104 °F

Temperature probes

-20° to +85 °C (-4 to +185 °F)

Operating Humidity

10% to 90% non-condensing

Water and Dust Resistance

NEMA 1 / IP20 (indoor use)

Module Size and Weight (E306)

65 mm (2.6”) x 65 mm (2.6”) x 28 cm (1.1”), 90 g (3 oz)

Module Size and Weight (E312)

(E312) 80 mm (3.1”) x 53 mm (2.1”) x 40 cm (1.6”) (3 oz; 5 oz with batteries)

Batteries (E312 only)

2 x AA (included)

External AC Power Supply

100- 240 VAC input voltage, 50-60Hz / 5 VDC output; 0.5 W power consumption

Power Supply Plug Types

C14, NEMA 1-15, Euro CEE 7/16, ANZ AS 3112, China GB 2009, UK BS1363, India BS546

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