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Gateway Communication using the MIB browser

Accessing the Gateway

  1. Enter the IP address of the Gateway in the address bar

  2. Click on the “Advanced” tab

  3. Make sure SNMP is configured for the same read community string (public)

  4. Confirm port is correct (161)

  5. Confirm that the SNMP version matches the settings used on the Gateway Console SNMP settings (i.e. SNMP version)

Leave "Write Community" blank

Confirming communication with the Gateway

  1. Check the system description by clicking on the the “SysDescr” file on the MIB tree mgmt.>mib-2> SysDescr

  2. Right click on the sysDescr file and and select “Get” from the pop up menu

  3. The right hand menu should now display “Packet Power EG4 Ethernet Gateway”

Performing an SNMP "Walk" to confirm data flow

  1. Click “Walk” on the Operations bar and then click “Go”; a table will be generated returning all MIBs

Note that Windows firewall may have to be turned “off” for proper communications

  1. Node “GUIDs” will be displayed in the table; these node IDs will correspond to the Node IDs on the Gateway Console

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