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Geist PDUs (IMD 2&3 Power Strips)

Supported Devices


  • PDUs with Geist Interchangeable Monitoring Device (IMD), variant IMD-02

  • 5W5H6A9HXX-S

  • 6HW56A9BXX-S-030160

  • 8HW56A9BXX-S-030160


PDUs with Geist Interchangeable Monitoring Device (IMD), variant IMD-03

Required WNC Firmware


  • 36.02 or newer

  • 36.10 or newer for per-outlet readings (if supported by PDU)


  • 36.10 or newer

Manufacturers Documentation

The following resources will be useful for the WNC configuration. Note, this is not a full guide to the interface on Geist PDUs.

Geist Upgradeable PDU Instruction Manual for IMD-03x

Required PDU Configuration

The device must be reset to factory defaults before connecting the WNC . Insert a paper clip or other tool into the network-reset button (3 in the images below).

IMD-02 devices

IMD-03 devices

Hold the network reset button (3 in the image above) for 15 seconds to restore the default IP address.

Hold the network reset button (3 in the image above) until the display shows "rESt" to restore the defaults.

WNC Connections

Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port #1 on the PDU control panel

IMD-02 devices

IMD-03 devices

On the rear of the WNC, connect the other end of the Ethernet cable and the 5V DC power supply barrel plug.

Optional: The WNC can instead be powered from the Geist PDU directly (certain models only). Contact to discuss the necessary cabling.

Readings Reported

Not all readings are available for all Geist IMD-2/IMD-3 PDUs. For example, a single phase PDU will not report any readings for input phases B or C. Additionally, per-outlet readings are only available on a PDU that supports per-outlet readings.




Voltage A

PDU phase A voltage

Voltage B

PDU phase B voltage

Voltage C

PDU phase C voltage

Current A

PDU phase A current

Current B

PDU phase B current

Current C

PDU phase C current

Power A

PDU phase A power

Power B

PDU phase B power

Power C

PDU phase C power

Energy A

PDU phase A energy

Energy B

PDU phase B energy

Energy C

PDU phase C energy

Phase Angle A

PDU phase A angle

Phase Angle B

PDU phase B angle

Phase Angle C

PDU phase C angle

Total Power

PDU total power

Total Energy

PDU total energy

Current X

PDU outlet X current

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