The following describes SNMP configuration for data retrieval from Packet Power Ethernet Gateway V4 (EG4) via SNMP using KEPServerEX.

Tag configuration

KEPServer maps SNMP readings onto 'Tags'. The EG4 allows lists of OIDs to be exported directly in a format compatible with KEPServer:

To load the Tag file into KEPServer:

  1. Create a new SNMP device corresponding to the EG4 IP address

  2. Load the tags by right-clicking on the newly created device, select "Import CSV file" and navigate to the CSV file downloaded from the EG4

When done, you should see a list of tags corresponding to readings beging received by the gateway.

No Authentication & No Encryption settings

SHA1 or MD5 Authentication & No Encryption

SHA1 or MD5 Authentication & AES-256 Encryption