Supported Devices

  • MPHB1123

  • Other Liebert MPH PDUs should also work

Required WNC Firmware

36.14 or newer

Liebert (Vertiv) documentation

This site is not intended to provide a full guide to the management interface on Liebert (Vertiv) devices. The following resources will be useful for the WNC configuration.

Vertiv™ MPH2™ MPHB1625 Product Page

Vertiv™ MPH2™ Rack PDUInstaller/UserGuide

Vertiv™ RPC2™ Communications Module User Manual

Required PDU configuration

  • The device must be reset to factory defaults before connecting the WNC.

    • Use a paperclip or other tool to press the reset button (7, in the image below)

Press the reset button five times, one second apart.
After a short time, the network port status light turns off briefly, indicating the module is restarting.
Refer to the Vertiv™ RPC2™ Communications Module User Manual (link above) for more information.

WNC Connections

1.  Connect one end of an ethernet cable to the NET port on the PDU control panel.

2.  On the rear of the WNC, connect the other end of the ethernet cable and the 5V DC power supply barrel plug.

SNMP Readings Reported




Voltage A

PDU phase A voltage

Voltage B

PDU phase B voltage

Voltage C

PDU phase C voltage

Current A

PDU phase A current

Current B

PDU phase B current

Current C

PDU phase C current

Power A

PDU phase A power

Power B

PDU phase B power

Power C

PDU phase C power

Total Energy

PDU total energy