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Mapping Devices to the HUB

The Hub allows any specific Modbus register from a third party device to be mapped to any EMX channel. The hub Maps the corresponding third party device register to the corresponding EMX channel, i.e., Voltage A register on the third party device = Voltage A on EMX.

Preparing Register Maps / OIDs

Prior to starting the exercise, there should be an up-to-date register map (Modbus) or MIB document (SNMP). Highlight the registers that are to be captured and cross reference them with the closest available EMX channels shown in the list below. 

Available Register Lists / EMX Channels

The available EMX register channels that are available for mapping from a third party device will be listed in a drop down menu in the node map. These include:

EMX Channel



Battery Voltage

Contact 1

Dry Contact 1 Status

Contact 2

Dry Contact 2 Status

Contact 3

Dry Contact 3 Status

Contact 4

Dry Contact 4 Status

Contact 5

Dry Contact 5 Status

Contact 6

Dry Contact 6 Status

Contact 7

Dry Contact 7 Status

Contact 8

Dry Contact 8 Status

Contact 9

Dry Contact 9 Status

Contact 10

Dry Contact 10 Status

Contact 11

Dry Contact 11 Status

Contact 12

Dry Contact 12 Status

Current A

Current Phase A

Current B

Current Phase B

Current C

Current Phase C

Current D

Current Aux Channel "D"

Current E

Current Aux Channel "E"

Temperature 1

Temperature Channel 1

Temperature 2

Temperature Channel 2

Temperature 3

Temperature Channel 3

Temperature 4

Temperature Channel 4

Temperature 5

Temperature Channel 5

Temperature 6

Temperature Channel 6

Temperature 7

Temperature Channel 7

Temperature 8

Temperature Channel 8

Temperature 9

Temperature Channel 9

Temperature 10

Temperature Channel 10

Temperature 11

Temperature Channel 11

Temperature 12

Temperature Channel 12


Apparent Power Phase A


Apparent Power Phase B


Apparent Power Phase C


Apparent Power Aux Channel D


Apparent Power Aux Channel E


Apparent Power Aux Channel F

Current F

Current Aux Channel "F"


Energy (Total)

Energy A

Energy Phase A

Energy B

Energy Phase B

Energy C

Energy Phase C


Frequency (Total)


Humidity (%)

Most Recent Report

Most Recent Phase Report


Power (Total)

Power A

Power Phase A

Power B

Power Phase B

Power C

Power Phase C

Power D

Power Phase D

Power E

Power Aux Channel ā€œEā€

Power F

Power Aux Channel ā€œFā€





Temperature 0

Temperature Internal

Voltage A

Voltage Phase A-N

Voltage B

Voltage Phase B-N

Voltage C

Voltage Phase C-N

Voltage A-B

Voltage Phase A-B

Voltage B-C

Voltage Phase B-C

Voltage C-A

Voltage Phase C-A

Voltage E

Voltage Aux Channel E

Voltage F

Voltage Aux Channel F

In the event that the third party device has a specific register that does not have a corresponding EMX channel, the register may be assigned to an unused EMX channel. It may not appear with the desired channel name in EMX.

For example, a device register for UPS status (on/off) can be mapped to an EMX dry contact channel and will simply be named as contact (1-12). Multiple devices/nodes may be required to map the device.

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