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Monitored Object Metrics

Metrics are parameters (readings) obtained from a monitoring node responsible for collecting them. Examples:

  • LoadA: total load on the A-side of a cabinet (of FeedA.Current, FeedA.Power etc.)

  • LoadB: total load on the B-side of a cabinet

  • ColdIsleTemperature: temperature on the cold isle side of a cabinet

  • PowerImbalance: difference between LoadA and LoadB of a cabinet

Example of editing an MO Metric

Metrics are linked to a specific EMX node ID and an EMX reading channel name that is expected to provide their value.


  • ColdIsleTemperature: {"guid": "DA0000000000ECDB", channel: "Power"}

  • ColdIsleTemperature: {"guid": "5910000000004FC0", "channel": "Temperature1"}

Metrics can also be derived from other metrics, e.g. by adding or subtracting other metrics. Example:

  • PowerImbalance: calculated as a difference between LoadA and LoadB metrics of a cabinet

Some Example Metrics and Sources

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