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Schneider Power Meters

Supported Devices

  • Schneider PM5110

  • Other PM5000-series devices with Modbus RTU capabilities may also work, specifically PM5111, PM5310, PM5310R, PM5330, PM5331, PM5560, PM5561, PM 5650

Required WNC Firmware

  • 36.10 or newer

As a Modbus RTU device, the WNC must be pre-configured to connect to this third-party device. Please contact to discuss configuration options.

Manufacturers documentation

The following resources will be useful for the WNC configuration. Note, this is not a full guide to the management interface on Schneider devices. 

PM5000 series technical datasheet
PM5110 product page

Required meter configuration

  • The device should be configured before connecting the WNC. This is accomplished via the web console, the serial console, or the physical user interface. Please follow the instructions in the meter user guide.

  • The device must be configured for these connection parameters:

RS-485 Comm Port Protocol: Modbus (RTU)
RS-485 Comm Port Address: 1
RS-485 Comm Port Baud Rate: 19200
RS-485 Comm Port Parity: Even Parity

If your meter is already configured for alternative address, baud rate, or parity, please contact to discuss factory-configuration options.

WNC Connections

The WNC support for Modbus RTU is capable of half- or full-duplex operation. That is, it provides separate connections to the WNC RS-485 transmitter and receiver signal pairs. For a half-duplex RS-485 bus, these pairs are connected together and connected to two-conductor twisted-pair wiring. For a full-duplex RS-485 bus, these pairs are kept separate and connected to four-conductor twisted-par wiring. Typically, half-duplex is used for industrial control systems like these. The WNC hardware contains the necessary terminating resistors, as well as a ground connection for any cable shielding, if used. Please contact in case of questions regarding proper wiring of the Modbus RTU RS-485 bus.

Connect the Modbus RTU twisted-pair cable to the Schneider PowerLogic PM5000-series power meter using the screw terminals. Terminals are typically labeled with a "+" (plus sign) or "A" on one connection, and a "-" (minus sign) or "B" on the other connection. Please refer to the power meter user guide for details on wiring for serial communications.

PM5100 Wiring Diagram

On the rear of the WNC, use the green 5-pin plug to connect the Modbus RTU twisted-pair cable. Connect pins 1 and 4 together to the "A" wire in the cable. Connect pins 2 and 3 together to the "B" wire in the cable. If the cable has a shield, connect it to ground at ONLY ONE point in the modbus network. Since the WNC will act as a Modbus RTU master, pin 5 can be used to ground the cable shield.


Readings Reported

Modbus RTU Register Number




Current A

Phase A current


Current B

Phase B current


Current C

Phase C current


Voltage A

Phase A voltage


Voltage B

Phase B voltage


Voltage C

Phase C voltage


Power A

Phase A power


Power B

Phase B power


Power C

Phase C power



Total power



Total energy delivered into load


Phase Angle A

Phase A voltage-current angle


Phase Angle B

Phase B voltage-current angle


Phase Angle C

Phase C voltage-current angle

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