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Smart Power Cables - Installation

Prior to installation, check to make sure the Smart Power Cable has not been damaged.


Confirm that the cable is correctly rated for the power and voltage.


Make sure that any devices that may be interrupted by the process are safely powered down.


While Smart Power Cables can be plugged into an energized source, It is recommended for that if possible, the power source energizing the Smart Power Cable be turn-off during installation.


Remove any existing power cables


Plug-in the supply-side (plug or "male") connector of the Smart Power Cable into to the power source. (1) Connect the load side (receptacle or "female") connector of the Smart Power Cable to the load device or power strip. (2)


If the source power was disconnected, reconnect the source power.


The cable should now be energized and the indicator lights and LED display will be active. The Smart Power Cable will immediately attempt to join the wireless network (if available) and transmit power data.


Power up any devices.


Installation of Packet Power monitoring cables involves the disruption of power flow to your devices. Disconnecting power supply cables on running computing equipment and other electrical devices may lead to interruption of service, data loss, equipment damage and other potential losses. Packet Power is not responsible for any losses incurred due to power interruptions during the installation process. The customer is responsible for understanding and mitigating any consequences of interrupting and re-starting power flow to any equipment during the installation process. 

Installation should only be performed by personnel otherwise authorized to manage power connections to the equipment to be monitored. Dual-powered (“A & B”) devices can in some cases be connected live, with one side (e.g. “A”) being replaced first, followed by the other side (e.g. “B”). However, any time one of the power supplies is disconnected, the redundancy of a dual power supply and all of the protections it provides against failure are compromised. You are responsible for completely understanding this risk and taking responsibility for any consequences of a power loss while connecting power cables.

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