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Enabling SSH ServiceNow Access

ServiceNow requires a corresponding feature License.

  1. Locate the SSH public key you wish to use for the service. Please follow your local key management policies.

  2. Navigate to the E4 console via a web browser and open the Security page under the System group.

  3. Ensure that the ServiceNow Access is checked under SSH Access. If it is not check the option and select save.

  4. In the ServiceNow Keys table hit add (“+“) and paste in the content of the Public Key and give it a name.

  5. Open a terminal on your computer. If you're using Windows, you can use the Command Prompt or PowerShell. On macOS or Linux, you can use the built-in terminal.

  6. In the terminal test the connection to the E4 via SSH by running the following command. Please use the IP address of your EG4 device and the path to your SSH private key from step 1.

ssh servicenow@ -i ~/.ssh/servicenow_ed25519

Security Page

New Key Dialog

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