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Navigation & Configuration

Use the Gateway's touch sensitive surface to navigate the menu. Scroll to the bottom of this page if your Gateway has a joystick.

Power on the device.

Unlock the touchpad by tapping MENU three times.

Navigate the menu by tapping an arrow on the touchpad in the appropriate direction.

Save a selection by tapping the center square.

Lock the touchpad by tapping EXIT.

Note:  The touchpad automatically locks after 10 seconds of inactivity. 

Caution: Never unplug the Gateway without selecting the shutdown function first. 

The Gateway must be connected to a functional network through a router to obtain an IP address. Connection to a PC may work for IP address configuration but not in cases due to PC configurations.

Network connection codes are listed below: 

No network = connection failed 

No cable = no cable in Ethernet port 

No service = cable connected but not assigning service 

No primary = network, but not on Ethernet 

Private net = network without internet access 

Internet = network with internet access

To use DHCP addressing (Gateway obtains a DHCP address from the network) select DHCP addressing (default) or turn off DHCP if using a static IP address. 

To assign an IP address: Make sure DHCP is turned off, enter the IP address, netmask and gateway addresses. 

A temporary IP address can be assigned and modified once you have access to the Gateway using the Gateway console.  

If you have a Version 4 Gateway with a joystick, use the joystick to navigate the menu; push the joystick to enter a selection.

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