The version 4 Gateway uses an NTP (Network Time Protocol) reference. This differs from prior Gateway versions that used an HTTP reference.

Note that all time references for the Gateway are in GMT time zone. 

To set a time reference 

  1. Enter the IP address of the Gateway on a browser to access the Gateway Console. 

  2. Click on the System tab on the console

  3. Click on the Networking tab under the System directory

  4. Enter an NTP time source; this will be the NTP host IP address or domain name. There are many public NTP servers (i.e. is an open NTP server provided by the UNC Chapel Hill Department of Computer Science), and many networks corporate networks have an NTP server within the firewall. 

  5. The Gateway will now have a time reference source. 

  6. To confirm that the Gateway has the correct time look at the "System Time" in the Gateway Console Status tab. 

NTP Servers

The following provide more NTP server options: