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Supported Devices

The Packet Power WNC supports the following enLOGIC models:

  • EN1113X1116

  • EN1105

  • EN1111

Other enLOGIC models, that use the same MIB structure, will likely work, yet would need to be verified.

Required WNC Firmware

36.24 or newer

Manufacturers documentation

The following resources will be useful for configuring the enLOGIC PDU to work with the WNC:

EN1105 Product Page

EN1.0 Series PDU User Manual

Required PDU configuration

Refer to the “ENLOGIC INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL”, section 2, for directions on how to change the PDU configuration to these values:

  • Static IP address:

  • Subnet Mask: 

  • SNMP Read Community: public.

  • PDU specific configuration for enabling readings.

When configuring multiple PDUs, the WNC may work on some PDUs and not on others. If this happens, a few items to check include:

  • Firmware version of the PDU

  • Firmware version of the Wireless Network Connector

  • Consider the option of setting the PDU to its factory defaults prior to setting the IP address and community string. This step is not always desirable when the PDU configuration can’t be disturbed.

  • Review security features of the PDU. Verify that SNMP message traffic isn’t encrypted.

Required WNC configuration

None. The WNC will scan through all supported SNMP devices on power-up. The expected scan duration required for finding the enLOGIC PDU is approximately 10 minutes.

enLOGIC PDU Connections

Connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the PDU.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 6.39.43 PM_Nero AI_Photo_x4.png

WNC Connections

Connect the Ethernet and 5V Power Supply.

Readings Reported




Total Power

PDU total power

Total Energy

PDU total accumulated energy

Current A

PDU phase A current

Current B

PDU phase B current

Current C

PDU phase C current

Voltage A

PDU phase A voltage

Voltage B

PDU phase B voltage

Voltage C

PDU phase C voltage

Power A

PDU phase A power

Power B

PDU phase B power

Power C

PDU phase C power
(derived from power factor)

Phase Angle A

PDU phase A voltage-current angle
(derived from power factor)

Phase Angle B

PDU phase B voltage-current angle
(derived from power factor)

Phase Angle C

PDU phase C voltage-current angle

Current X

PDU outlet X current (1-32)

Power X

PDU outlet X power (1-32)

Energy X

PDU outlet X energy (1-32)

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