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Viewing Data for Smart Power Cables

Customers can choose either to use Packet Power’s monitoring applications, or connect the wireless monitoring system to an existing monitoring system:

  • Packet Power’s EMX monitoring portal provides access to real-time information on power, energy, and environmental usage, along with data analysis and reporting tools that can be easily customized. The Power Manager product compliments the portal and adds tools specific to advanced data center monitoring. Packet Power’s applications can be accessed from a cloud-based service or installed at a customer site.

  • Certain models of the Ethernet Gateway provide protocol conversion and management capabilities, allowing applications that can accept data in SNMP, Modbus TCP/IP, MQTT, EtherNet/IP, and BACnet protocols to access data from the wireless monitoring devices.

The EMX portal provides detailed energy use reporting and energy and power usage data along with alarm capabilities

A Smart Power Cable communicates with other cables and a Gateway using Packet Power’s wireless mesh network.  As soon as a Smart Power Cable is plugged in, it automatically tries to join the wireless network.  If you already have an operating Packet Power network within your facility, information from a newly installed Smart Power Cable will become available shortly after it is plugged in.

 If you do not yet have a Packet Power network operating within your facility, please refer to the gateway section of the manual for additional information regarding wireless gateway and software setup.

Ethernet Gateways

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