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Console - Status

The Status page provides a general overview of all critical Gateway functions as well as links to key sections required for configuration.

  1. System Status Indicator: Indicates if Gateway is properly communicating with nodes and the network.

🟢 Green: System OK

🟡 Yellow: System problems

🔴 Red: System not operational

  1. Search: Allows searching for any Gateway related item. For example, you can input the last four digits of a Node ID and relevant nodes will appear.

  1. General: Provides all data relating to the Gateway communications settings.

  1. Stats: Gateway disk statistics

  1. Licensed Features: Indicates which features are licensed for use with this Gateway. For adding licenses See: Console - System | License

  1. Data Sources: Indicates from where the Gateway is acquiring data. This can be via wireless monitoring nodes or through other Peer Gateways. For More Info see: Console - Data Sources

  1. Data Processing: This function is used for virtual circuit mapping. It allows users to assign breaker types and locations when using multi-circuit monitoring features such as Branch Circuit Monitoring. For more see: Console - Data Processing Contact if you'd like to learn more about virtual circuit mapping.

  2. Data Destinations: Configures data for export from the Gateway to Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP and the EMX Portal (cloud or local implementations). Fore more see: Console - Data Destinations

  3. Menu: Provides access to various Gateway settings and tools.  

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